Bibliotherapy: The Girl’s Guide to Books for Every Phase of Our Life

BibliotherapyIt can happen to even those of us with the tallest of to be read piles. Looking for something to read, but nothing sounds good. Maybe you’re just trying to find the perfect literary snack and failing. Or maybe you’re just in a mood.

Bibliotherapy offers a perfect guide when you just can’t find that thing to read, with chapters all neatly sorted out by mood. Whether you’re in crisis (existential or mid-life), you need help getting over that bad boy, you need a kick in the pants or maybe just a bit of encouragement to embrace your inner bitch, there’s a category and a title here to help you out.

Perhaps my favorite parts of the book are the ones labeled “Books to be thrown with great force,” where the authors take to task books that don’t live up to the hype—or that may take their hype too seriously. Here you’ll find some pop culture phenoms (remember The Rules?) and write ups that will make you giggle, even if you blush a little at remembering your love for said tomes.

I was able to revisit some old loves, like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Awakening just to name a few), and see some of my former literary heroes with fresh eyes. One section calls out the Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive and its author Danny Sugerman for his idealization of Jim Morrison, boldly stating “Jim Morrison didn’t die from an excessive thirst for life or death. He died from an excessive thirst for bourbon.” Because yes.

My TBR pile, precariously prodigious already, just got a little bit taller thanks to this fun book.

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