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Super What Now? Making Room on the Shelf for Comics



by Joshua Unruh – Official Booky Goodness “Nerd Czar”

Hello, lovers of Booky Goodness! My name is Josh and I am a giant nerd. I’m also an author of novels, novellas, short stories, and other freelance type things. When these two things combine, they form Voltron. Or me becoming the Booky Goodness authority on superheroes.

“But Booky Goodness is a site for grown-ups!” you may protest. “What do grown-ups want with superheroes?”

Or probably not. Most of my life, that’s been the conversation starter when folks found out my love of the four color characters. But since superheroes have made box office receipts higher than the gross national product of Central America and invaded primetime on your TV, I hear that familiar refrain a lot less.

Superheroes can be daunting, though! Many of the most well-known characters have been in continuous publication for fifty, sixty, or even seventy years. There are shared universes where Hero Guy can team up with Scary Man. Only, Hero Guy can’t team up with Bug Dude because different companies own them. Where does an interested but overwhelmed person start?

Today, I’m going to make a superhero suggestion tailor made to the hottest trends in prose fiction. This series has deep roots in the history of superheroes yet has been constantly reinvented to stay fresh and interesting. It’s a literal nexus of superheroes, science fiction, Young Adult, romance, adventure, and probably a bunch of other stuff.

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