Peel back the curtain on this fun  house and you’ll find creator, Dani Stone

Dani book signing
Watermark Books – Book signing 2012


I’m a published author, freelance writer, and editor from the great flat lands of Kansas. For me, it’s not enough to write stories, edit, and read them. Books must be discussed, bantered about, made fun of, cheered on, and in one extreme case, diced up and made into an arts and crafts project. True story.

I decided to start my own book review site after writing for several years for the now-defunct Book End Babes website and equally-defunct Chick Wit (like The View, only cooler, and with a smaller shoe budget). If you want to read miscellaneous ramblings about parenthood, and who doesn’t, you can find me at I Hear Laugh Tracks.

Along with posts and book reviews, I hope to have a veritable slew of guest authors and writers stop by to share their thoughts, pimp their wares, and offer up all sorts of other BOOKY GOODNESS!

If you’re a book lover who is interested in providing a guest post OR you’re an author/publisher who would like their book reviewed, please send me a note at [danistone1@gmail.com]





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