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Gods of Guilt – Not the Guilty Pleasure I Hoped For

the gods of guilt

This past Christmas, I asked for the new Michael Connelly novel, “The Gods of Guilt,” and because she’s awesome, my mother bought it for me. I started reading it immediately. Well, I mean, like, not right after I opened it because that would be rude to blow off the family celebration (even though I totally considered it).

Fast forward three months. The book quickly went from being the first thing I picked up when I had free time, to being put in the basket under the console of my minivan and only coming out when I waited in the pickup lane at school. Ooooh, that’s a bad sign. That’s basically basket purgatory for a book.

I finally finished it this week and now I have just one question: Michael Connelly, where did your mojo go, son?

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